TrekFavorites 006: DS9 - 'In The Pale Moonlight' with Steve and Barbara Sande

An episode of Deep Space Nine makes its first appearance on TrekFavorites! Barbara and Steve Sande picked In The Pale Moonlight, Season 6, Episode 9, and dug into what it says about the character of the crew, the moral ambiguities and compromises that are made in times of war, with some real-world comparisons.


Steve Sande also writes way too much. He's the head guy at Apple World Today, writes for Rocket Yard, and recently logged over one million words written in just over three years. He's written a number of books for Take Control Books  and Apress, is married to a rocket scientist, and spends his days being bossed by a cat. You can watch what he says on Twitter.  

Barbara Sande is the wife of Steve Sande, and is a former Senior Staff Systems Engineer at Lockheed Martin.