TrekFavorites 004: ST:TNG - 'All Good Things...' with Kelly Guimont

Kelly Guimont takes us to the end of Star Trek: The Next Generation by picking S07E25/26,  “All Good Things...” as her TrekFavorite. Kelly explains why it was special to her as both a fan and a student, her connection to a favorite actor with another TV series, and why it wrapped up TNG so well.

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Kelly Guimont is a longtime Apple geek, sitting down (on a telephone book) in front of an Apple IIe in 1983. She can still hear the ticking of the ImageWriter. Thanks to the miracle of the adjustable leg desk, she no longer needs the phonebook. Kelly writes for The Mac Observer, is the host of the Daily Observations Podcast, is co-host of The Aftershow, and yet still has more to say which she saves for Twitter and